Welcome to the 6•4•3 Fall Fiesta, hosted by the Tucson Invitational Games (TIG)


For the past 19 years, TIG has been hosting NCAA Division II, Division III, NAIA and Junior Colleges and Universities from across the country every March for their spring pre-season games; and we are now excited to begin our journey with the youth softball community.


Over the years we have built strong relationships with hundreds of college coaches and have been looking for a way to connect their strong programs and our local talent. Most of us at the TIG, coach in either the high school or travel ball programs, and we see a need for our players to be seen by talented coaches from all over the country. In an attempt to bridge these two entities, TIG will be hosting the 6•4•3 Fall Fiesta.


It is our goal that we will help facilitate continued education for these young players in the southwest to continue to learn, grow and eventually compete at the collegiate level; and provide an opportunity for college coaches from all over the country to see and RECRUIT this local talent.