Kino Sports Complex – Baseball

Map of Kino Sports Complex

Kino Sports Complex has 8 immaculate professional playing fields with true hops and manicured grass infields and outfields. This Major League Baseball Complex features state of the art amenities that any collegiate program will embrace and enjoy. We look forward to seeing you in Tucson.

Kino Sports Complex
2500 E. Ajo Way
Tucson, AZ 85713

Ticketing Information:

Admission: Single Day

  • Adults – $7.00
  • Kids (12 and Under) – Free

Admission: Weekly Pass

  • 7 Day Pass – $30


  1. Do you have to pay for parking? – No, there is parking in the Main Stadium Parking lot.
  2. Can I bring in outside food or drinks? No, there are no coolers or outside food or drinks allowed in the complex.
  3. Are pets allowed? No, Pets are not allowed in the complex (Service Animals Only)
  4. What are some fun attractions we can see while we are in Tucson? Our Tucson Attractions page has a list of great attractions that include anything from a Spring Training Baseball game to a round of golf.
  5. Do you have merchandise? Yes, we have merchandise onsite.
  6. Do you take credit cards? We do take credit cards.
  7. Do I really need to wear sunscreen, I am trying to get a tan? YES, YES and YES! The sun us much more harsh in Arizona and even on overcast days you can burn! Please be sure to wear sunscreen everyday and you will still get a tan even when you wear it.
  8. What kind of weather should we expect? In March, the average temperature in Tucson is in the 70’s to lower 80’s, and cooler at night.
  9. What does your concession stand sell?
  • Pepsi Fountain Drinks, Water, Gatorade,
  • Hamburgers, Hotdogs and Brats
  • Nachos
  • Assorted Chips
  • Assorted Candy
  • Popcorn
  • and much much more!